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USBBS ACH Origination

ACH Origination can be used to electronically pay your U.S. suppliers and to consolidate funds from other institutions. The ACH Origination service within USBBS WebLink Enhanced enables you to originate electronic debits or credits through the ACH payment system.

What USBBS ACH Origination Offers You

  • Inputting the account information, transaction amounts and other pertinent details debits or credits your clients’ accounts for next business day value (subject to cut-off times and compliance with the terms of the agreement governing the service)
  • Easily manages low or high payment volumes
  • Reports can be received via electronic delivery or USBBS WebLink service
  • Payment details, such as amount, date and payor name, can be viewed through the ACH History feature of the USBBS WebLink Enhanced Service

The Benefits of USBBS ACH Origination

  • Reduces the time and cost associated with check production, preparation and reconciliation
  • Can reduce postage and/or distribution expenses
  • Reduces opportunities for check fraud

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