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Business Investments

Short-Term Investment Options (one day to one year)

Your TD Commercial Banking Relationship Manager can help you meet your short-term investment needs by customizing an investment plan from these options.

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TD Money Market Account (available in Canadian Dollars and U.S. Dollars)

This is a non-chequing account that bears interest based on a tiered rate structure. It offers a high degree of liquidity and a very competitive return. This account is ideally suited for surplus balances in excess of $100,000.

Term Deposits

Choose from terms as short as one day and earn a fixed rate of interest guaranteed until maturity. Best of all, Term Deposits are pre-encashable, subject to pre-encashment rates, and offer maximum liquidity in case of emergency.

Foreign Currency Term Deposits

Foreign Currency Term Deposits are an effective solution if you’re doing business abroad. While waiting to pay your suppliers, you can earn interest on your foreign funds at a guaranteed rate.

Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

Choose between a short- or long-term GIC and be guaranteed a fixed interest rate per term. Invest in Canadian or U.S. funds from a minimum of $1,000.

Bankers’ Acceptances

These are debt obligations issued by corporations with repayment of principal guaranteed by a Canadian Chartered Bank. Terms range from one day to one year and Bankers’ Acceptances usually offer a slightly higher return than government Treasury bills.

Government of Canada/Provincial Treasury Bills

These Treasury bills are a safe, short-term investment issued and fully guaranteed by the Government of Canada/provincial governments. With terms ranging from one day to one year, T-bills provide the benefit of high liquidity with a low to moderate return.

Commercial Paper

These promissory notes are generally issued by high-quality corporations in Canadian Dollars or U.S. Dollars. They earn higher returns than Treasury bills and Bankers’ Acceptances. While TD Bank does not guarantee these investments, they are backed by the general credit of the issuing company and are sometimes supported by an unused credit line or a parent company guarantee. They are best suited for companies looking for a superior rate of return while accepting a higher risk.


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