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Merchant Services

Point-of-Sale Systems

Reliable payment solutions
to meet your needs

Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems

Our POS systems and POS solutions accept Visa, MasterCard, Interac Direct Payment, American Express and other major credit cards, providing you with one comprehensive point-of-sale solution to meet all your business needs and speed up transaction processing time.

No matter which POS payment option your customers choose, the amount paid to you in your POS system can be automatically credited to your TD Canada Trust Business Chequing Account as early as the next business day with same day credit.

Matching the right POS system to your business needs is the key to finding a point-of-sale solution that offers hassle-free payment processing and streamlined operations.

POS Systems at a glance

Match your needs to a POS system using the guidelines below or talk to a TD Merchant Services Representative today.

Choose the statement that best describes your needs Here's a great place to start
Our business requires countertop POS terminals. Our business has less than $100,000 in annual total sales volumes -
Countertop POS systems
Our business has $100,000 or more in annual total sales volumes -
High-speed countertop POS systems
  • Freedom IV with high-speed connection for faster processing speed.
Our customers need to be able to
  • Pay-at-home
  • Pay-at-the-table
  • Pay anywhere, anytime
Wireless POS systems
Freedom V provides the mobility of a cell phone with the reliability of all our POS systems.
We're looking for a point-of-sale solution to use on our PC. PC Solutions
Merchant PC software can be ideal for PC-based transactions. If you process recurring payments or batch files, learn more about Merchant PC Batch, a point-of-sale solution for membership and subscription volume processing.
Our business needs to provide a secure way for our customers to buy online. Online POS Solutions
Online Mart makes it easy to create a commerce-ready website or start accepting payments on your current site.
We're looking for a point-of-sale solution specifically designed for hospitality businesses such as restaurants. Micros
A program that uses Micros software to create an integrated solution, catering exclusively to the needs of hospitality type businesses.
We would like a complete PC-driven payment acceptance and management system from the ground up. Retail Management System
RMS is a turnkey program that uses Microsoft RMS software to create an integrated POS solution.
We need a point-of-sale solution that is inexpensive and designed for infrequent transactions. Interactive Voice Response
Turn your existing telephone and phone line into a credit card processing solution.
We're just starting out and would like some help determining the right POS system for our needs. No problem - Browse through the point-of-sale solution options below, or give us a call and tell us what you want to do with your POS system. We'll help you choose the most cost-effective way to furnish your business with a point-of-sale solution.

For more information, contact a Relationship Manager at the Commercial Banking Centre nearest you.

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